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Electric R32 Skyline Drift car - Tesla drive unit test rig

Build thread of the zero ev r32 skyline. chevy volt battery, tesla large drive unit with complete rear sub frame, duel tesla 11kw chargers and tesla dcdc.

Follow the build with Fast Car, Below are links to the current released articles more to follow.

Check out the latest skyline video. here

We took the car to world rally rx in France for monster energy to use for demos as part of the rally cross event. This was fitting as they plan on going full electric in 2021 can’t wait!

So Luke Woodham from monster energy  was the chosen drive he actually drove the car a formal g and decide wanted to make more use of it.

We had some small issue on the Saturday firstly throttle ramp was way to brutal so dialled it back to a hole 3% every 10ms from my setting of 5%. Then we had an over current trip apparently 1200amps was not enough so reset to 1600 amps and worked a charm. My poor Chevy volt battery pack but we only hit 32 degrees battery temp so it’s held up very well.

Luke went out on the Sunday and from the moment he launched off the line the wheels did not stop spinning, the smoke kept coming and the crowed did not stop charring. Massive win to the electric skyline!

Fast Car Part 7 of the zero ev skyline build now available to read Here

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