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VW T2 camper conversion

Ok, I have a 1972 VW camper that needs an engine (I have one, so thats not an issue). Rather than putting an ICE in, I'm thinking about going EV.....


I already drive a 40kw Leaf and can get a 30kw Leaf battery fairly cheap.


I'm keen to do a DIY conversion, so figure I need the following:

  • Elec motor & mounting bracket
  • Controller & control wiring
  • Adapter plate to current gearbox
  • DC-DC convertor
  • Charger

What I'm keen to do is include rapid charging too - either Chademo or CCS 50kw (or maybe even AC 43kw)

Are there any good resources where I can read up on this kind of thing?


Thanks in advance!



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