Trusted Proffesionals and Partners


Quaife’s ever expanding portfolio includes close-ratio gearkits, sequential gearboxes, automatic torque biasing limited slip differentials, uprated halfshafts, axles, steering racks and much, much more.


Based in California, Stealth EV is a fully integrated EV solutions company, specializing in performance EV, Hybrid design, engineering, as well as production services. They offer comprehensive EV support for projects of all scopes and sizes, from parts and components, to consulting new projects, as well as engineering and building custom EVs from scratch.


Caged Laser are market leaders in producing roll cages, roll bars and speciality car chassis’s made to exacting standards using original materials built by our team of highly talented engineers.

Using precision welding techniques and materials sourced around the world in order to achieve lightweight MSA & FIA approved roll bars and cages.


Founded in 2008 in Germany open inverter develops hardware and software for AC motor control.
There software offers fine grained customisation via numerous parameters and web based user interface allows for easy parametrisation and monitoring via your laptop or smart phone.


Electric Classic Cars specilise in converting your classic to electric, sourcing and building an electric classic to your specifications, or to supply you with the parts you’d need to convert your own car to electric.