CCS Type2 Fast Charging Kit


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Product Description

Unlock your ev with the Zero EV CCS Fast Charging Kit compatible with the Orion 2 BMS.

Make use of the CCS Type2 charging network throughout the UK, Europe and other international county’s. There is over 8,000 CCS chargers throughout Europe and this number is growing rapidly.

Charge up to 200amp (100kw peak) minimum pack voltage of 200v.

The Zero EV kit contains everything required to add CCS to your ev conversion or perfect for prototype vehicles.

Kit contains:

  • CCS Type2 socket with 3m tails.
  • CCS controller
  • Two contactors
  • Complete wiring loom pre terminated and labelled.
  • CCS VCU.
  • Indication light with release button.
  • CCS locking pin.

Our ccs controller is designed to be mounted within the high voltage battery box along with the two contactors it can also control your main hv contactors and precharge.

The kit has been fully field tested and meets all ccs charging standards.

Manual for installation and configuration will be provide with purchase.


Porsche 911 Conversion:
52.8kwh Battery
350v Nominal Voltage

Type 2 AC Charging:
Using Onboard 6.6kw Elcon charger, charging at 6kw to account for efficiency and losses.
Charge from 10-90% SOC: 42.2 kwh
Time taken to charge: 7hrs

DC Fastcharging:
Adjusted for battery voltage, theoretical max charge power: 70kwh
Charge from 10-90% SOC: 42.2 kwh
Time taken to charge: 36 minutes

*Based on ideal operating conditions. Real world numbers may differ slightly.

Example Trip
280 mile trip from London to Newcastle.
Start with 100% SOC, end with 10% SOC.
Consumption: 250 Wh/m

Type 2 AC Charging:
10hrs spent charging + 5hr 30 trip time = 15hr 30min total trip duration = Unpractical

DC Fastcharging:
50 Minutes spent charging + 5hr 30 trip time = 6hr 20 min total trip duration