Orion 2 BMS 108 Cell – Battery Management System Kit



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Product Description

Orion 2 BMS 108 Cell – Battery Management System Kit

Orion BMS Protects and Monitors Li-Ion Battery Cells for EV and Hybrid Applications Including:

  • Thermal Management
  • Voltage and Current Monitoring and Protection
  • Smart Cell Balancing State of Charge via Coulomb Counting
  • Internal Resistance Data Advance
  • Isolation Fault Protection



  • SOC Display with Data Logging
  • Cell Tap Wiring Validator
  • Thermistor Expansion Module
  • Orion BMS Connect (OS X and Windows Compatible, smartphones, tablets)


Accessories Included

  • CANdapter
  • Current Sensor
  • Cell Tap Wiring Harness
  • Orion Main I/O Wiring Harness
  • Current Harness
  • User Interface Software (always have the most updated software)


Whats New


  • Roughly 40% lower weight on all models due to the new enclosure design and streamlined (removable) heatsink. Minimum heat dissipation requirements apply.
  • Considerable boosts in measurement accuracy and processor speed allow for more advanced calculations and logic.
  • Direct hardware support for several popular charging protocols including hardware support for SAE J1772 (directly interfacing with the pilot / proximity lines) and CHAdeMO for DC fast charging.
  • Wider input power voltage range (now 12v-24vDC compatible) for better support on heavy vehicles and equipment. The Orion 2 BMS remains fully compatible with 12v applications.
  • Ability to directly drive certain contactors on select inputs (bypassing the need for intermediate signal relays in some situations) see supporting documentation for details.