Wurth Copper Terminal Paste/Grease CU800 – 20g


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Product Description

Wurth Copper Terminal Paste/Grease CU800 – 20g

Highly adhesive lubricating, separating and anti-corrosive copper paste that is extremely resistant to high temperatures and high pressures.

Suitable to be used on all battery busbar connections as well as many other conductive lubrication needs. Only the a small amount is needed applied to bolts and threaded connections to ensure prevention of seizing, fusing, baking, corrosion and wear.
It can also be used for applications where assembly and reassembly is required.

Very high resistance

  • Temperature application range from -20°C to +1200°C for dry lubrication
  • Resistant to water, diluted alkali solutions and diluted acid

High, lasting lubrication

Provides long-lasting protection against fusing and seizing, galling, wear, corrosion and frictional corrosion

Material: Copper Paste
Quantity: Job Size – 20g