Gain an understanding of the architecture of electric cars, the components and how they relate to each other, via an interactive online course. 

You will learn about the efficiency of electric propulsion, the power flow in electric vehicles and about charging and charge points.

Course Contents

  • Electric drive basics
  • Electric vehicle range extenders
  • Efficiency of electric vehicles
  • Energy losses
  • Energy flow in electric vehicles
  • Charging process & charging stations
  • High voltage battery basics
  • Online theory assessment
  • Zero EV certification


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A deeper dive into the technology of the components and some of the systems via an interactive online course.

You will learn about working safely on high-voltage components, charging systems and battery management.

*Level 2 is not required if you are planning on taking our level 3 course as the majority of content is included.

Course Contents

  • Working on high voltage vehicles
  • High voltage components
  • Electric motors
  • Charging system
  • Safety systems
  • Battery management system
  • Online theory assessment
  • Zero EV certification


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Official City & Guilds level 2 & 3 award in hybrid & electric vehicle operations. Mixture of interactive online training and practical assessment. 

You will learn about the safety precautions to be taken before carrying out routine maintenance, repair procedures on hybrid vehicles and be able to correctly identify high-voltage cabling and associated components.

Course Contents

  • Identify the cabling & components that make up high voltage systems
  • Construction and function of battery modules
  • Construction and function of high-voltage motors
  • Construction and function of associated high voltage components
  • Working in a way which minimises the risk of damage to the vehicle and its systems, other people and their property
  • Learn about the tools and equipment to carry out electric vehicle repairs safely
  • Safety precautions to be taken before carrying out routine maintenance or repair procedures on hybrid vehicles
  • Equipment calibration
  • Procedures required when removing and replacing high voltage system components
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting high voltage supplies correctly
  • Record information and make suitable recommendations
  • Practical & Theory Assessment
  • City & Guilds Certification

           +16 Years of age


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